Attack on the pin up boys Comic book


attack on the pin up boys Comic book is sold here @ Gmarket for$ 7.61

and here @ Rakuten for $15.15

the comic book is really cool and it comes with a pink  memo book  that has cool pictures of Super Junior

the Comic book is in Korean language but it can be understood if you watched the movie ^^

the memo book pictures



  1. Hi!^^ I really like this comic!! But it seems to be sold out in the 2 sites that you mentioned T.T Do you know where can I still purchase it. Please do help! ><
    Thanks a lot!!

  2. Okay thanks!! Sj world is selling items too?o.o
    DVDheaven and ebay dont have):
    Have you bought it? Please inform me if you see it selling anywhere! Thanks a lot!!

    1. I’ve got both the comic book and the making book
      the making book is different it’s a large book kind of a poster sized with pictures of super junior members from the movie, like screen caps and a sticker sheet at the end of the book with printed autographs of the members

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