SM TOWN concert Tickets

Concert tickets for SM Town are sold @ Gmarket and Ebay

it’s a world Concert this time they will be performing in a lot of countries

like China and the US.

i just found out that there is someone who sells them on ebay here 

he will reserve the ticket you want and send it to your country ^^



  1. Hey :)
    Thank u for the informations but the site in eabay has been removed.. !?
    What to do now? :(
    I need a ticket in the standing area the one for 51 € ..
    do u know something to do?

    Thank u :)

    1. hi!!
      this is an old post about SM TOWN LA so that’s why it’s not working ^^

      well if you want the tickets you may find them in many places

      SJ-World got a sale/ request SM Town paris tickets here you may put your request and someone will help you out ^^

      someone might auction their ticket at ebay so check ebay regularly

      if i found any link i’d update u here ^^ but if u really wanted u should never stop looking till u get it ^^

  2. Hi! When pressing that link in your comment, it doesn’t work either:( I really want a ticket to Super Junior’s concert in Paris, but I CAN’T FIND IT ANYWHERE!! I would be so thankful if you please could help me!
    And you said that you had to check e-bay regularly, then what to search for?
    And do you know the preliminary dates/set dates for the concert(s) in Paris/in Europe?
    Please help me!!!

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