Support and Help Super Junior

This is important !

first please watch the video here so you can understand our boy’s situation!

Super Junior Album sales + Super Junior rating views on youtube are really really low compared to other artists!!

our boys have worked really hard for this 4th album, and Leeteuk and Heechul will be going to the military next year !

You guys we really need to support them!

our album sales are so low compared to Sorry Sorry

we need to get more Version A albums + version C

to increase the sales so that Super Junior will get more awards this year before Leeteuk and Heechul go to the military.

another matter Super Junior view ratings on youtube

Super Junior’s view of the MVs on SMnet on youtube are really really low compared to other artists :(

please you guys let’s raise the views of the MV let’s show that we really care about Super Junior ^^

Super Junior – No other MV has only 1,741,840 views!!!!

can you believe that!!

while Super Junior – Bonamana Mv has 5,620,774 views!!!

Super Junior Sorry Sorry album had 14,775,690 it had the highest rate of views among all SM artists but now the 2 main song of Super Junior’s MV are not doing so well regarding the views :(to tell you the truth the other artists have higher view rates than Super Junior which is totally unfair to our boys they worked really hard for it ! so please you guys we need to Show SM that Super Junior are the best so please let’s increase the rating views and don’t upload the MVs anywhere let’s support our boys

What we CAN DO:

1- Increase the rating views for Super Junior MVs on smnet channel on youtube.

2- Buy Super Junior albums version A and version C from Korean stores ao they will count in Hanteo chart.

3- Buy Bulk orders for  ELF in your country directly from Korea so we can increase the sales.

4- Promote Super Junior songs and MVs tell everyone about them we need to make them the most popular group in the world, they really deserve this!

5- Don’t upload Super Junior mp3s or MVs on youtube or any streaming website, view them from SMnet’s channel on youtube so all the views can be counted.

6- Vote for Super Junior on any website let’s show the world that ELF will always support Super Junior.

if you know any other ways please tell us ^^

 Credits: picture from

Video from:  41lumiere @youtube



  1. NO! This can’t happen! :( The boys are working so hard! They deserve more than this!!!!!!!! Come on elfs, we can do it!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. we must do this for super junior. we have to make this album the best that it can possibly be. elfs from all over the world PLZ

    prom15e to 13elieve

  3. لييييييييييييش ؟؟؟

    السوجووو اروووع شي وكل اغانيهم جنااان ,,
    الله ياخذ هالشركه المخرررفه ><

  4. جعلهم تبن ياارب وقسم بالله ان سووجوو يستحقوون اكثر لالاااااااااا ماصدق تيوكي وهتشل بيرحون الجيش لااااااااااااااااااا
    ليه كذاا كوريا ووع اكرهم لييييييييييش يرووح تيوكي طيب الللي في سعوديه وش يسون لو بيدي اشتري المحل بكبره مو بس البوم كيف نقدر نشتريه اااااااااخ سوجو انتم القوى كفاايه انكم اكثر فرقه مشهوره في العالم العربي Super Junior Band Las Vegas, is the most famous in the Arab world and has Fanz Qowi composed of young Arab women are not afraid of Saudis on Super Junior are the strongest

  5. can not bear the injustice of the Super Jr. to work for the campaign against Hacharkh, tears falling as you Super Junior Alpha , lam Cray

  6. we are arab love sj but we can do anyting T^T

    just cry and Support ..

    But will not make that break our hearts to let us helpless to help them in various ways

    They’re the best there is we just source of strength for Super Junior

    We ELF will stay with them forever

    From Saudi Arabia ^^

  7. this’s really not fair am turkish but live in arabic country i luv them so much but wat can we do if we dont have k_pop stores here !! :( :(

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