Eunhyuk’s LV bag and Passport cover

Eunhyuk was wearing LV in the airport im not sure where they were going :( but its during their Bonamana performances, Eunhyuk’s bag is LV Monogram Macassar Canvas Keepall 45 with shoulder strap,you can buy it @ LV store for $1,320

his Passport cover is LV Damier Ebene Canvas Kyuhyun and Zhoumi own the same passport cover too ^^   you can buy it @ LV store for $260

i can’t get a direct link since LV store uses flash to view the products, for Eunhyuk’s bag it was sold out im not sure if they will bring new stock but i’ll guide you to find it there:

for Eunhyuk’s bag :

1. Choose men

2. Choose Travel

3. Choose Monogram Macassar Canvas

4. it’s the first bag ^^

Eunhyuk’s passport cover:

first 1. choose men/ women (because this item is unisex)

2. choose Travel

3. choose Travel accessories

4. choose Damier Ebene Canvas

5. it’s the first passport cover and the only one


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