Leeteuk’s black and white hoodie

I’m having bad internet connection so i can’t post a lot today plus i’ve got to do a homework for tomorrow and i haven’t even started it yet so i guess it’s good that the internet connection is bad ><

I fell in love with this hoodie when i first saw Leeteuk wearing it, Leeteuk actaully wore it a lot at Sukira and at Super Junior’s vacation in Italy ^^the hoodie is from W.DRESSROOM, you can buy it here@ Gmarket for $ 34.92

I’ll be posting a lot tomorrow when i come back from school ^^



  1. Hey!!! I love your blog!!!
    Do you know if G Market ships to Canada??? I REALLY want that sweater but I can’t seem to find any info on whether it ships to Canada and/or the US or not… If G Market doesn’t ship to Canada/USA do you happen to know of any other websites that sell this sweater??? Thank you!!! :)

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