Super Junior members who own IPHONE 4 (constantly updated)

One of the readers asked for a post about SJ’s phones so here it goes ^^

Donghae, and Heechul tweeted photos of themselves with their Iphone 4, Hangeng posted his picture and next to him was his Iphone 4 he’s also using his Iphone to post on Weibo ^^

Eunhyuk was using his Iphone 4 on Sukira which had a cassette cover, Shindong uploaded a picture of him purchasing Iphone 4 you can see his ID picture above the phone plus he tweets from his Iphone ^^ and he mentioned that he own a Motorola phone once

There are also other members who have Iphone 4 but i can’t seem to find any pictures of them till this very moment

Leeteuk, Kyuhyun, Yesung all have Iphone 4 well at least that what their tweets says kekeke but no picture is found :(

Ryeowook i think he didn’t change his Galaxy S phone because his tweets are always from Android

Siwon owns SK-W S-100 ‘Reaction’ phone ( the phone he was promoting) + Black Berry

Henry owns a Black Berry

Zhoumi owns a Black Berry

Sungmin i think i’ve seen a picture of him holding a Black Berry Torch on President but i’m not sure if it’s his own ><

I’m not sure about which model of Black Berry the boys own since i fail miserably when it comes to Black Berry phones no matter how hard i look at them they all look the same to me T.T

also anyone with any recent pictures of the boys i didn’t post about please share the pictures you have of their phones

i think i’ll update later on with the  other members when i have  the photos ready ^^  Thanks ~



  1. i thought donghae had a blackberry too? hihihi or did he ditched it? and shindong bought a motorola mobile? the boys buy a lot of phones, don’t they.

    ahhh i want a iphone too, the blackberry isn’t as good as the iphone :(.

  2. donghae & leeteuk also have a blackberry. both bb9000. i’m sorry i dont know the links to the pics but donghae’s black/red bb can be found from the idol’s athletics competition from september. and teukie’s phone can be found in some of the sukira pics. his has a light blue cover.

    hope this helps (:

  3. siwon hv bb bold too, black bb bold with gold at it’s side.
    n zhoumi hv an iphone 4, he buy it @la, when sm tour to US. he already said at his weibo ( if i’m not wrong ), he said tht he can’t use tht iphone in china.

  4. Didn’t some of them use LG Lollipop? I saw some pics of Kyu and Heechul with lollipop. Just don’t know if they are still using these phones.

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