Super Junior’s Star Golden Bell uniforms

Hello ~

This is a long post so i hope you guys will be happy ^^

These caps are from 2009 that’s from Sorry Sorry+ Noerago days, when Super Junior were guests at Star Golden Bell

On Star Golden Bell the guests used to wear unifroms for each line, these unifroms are all from IVY Club

now on these specific Star Golden Bell episodes Super Junior members wore IVY Club shirts (except Leeteuk), the shirts are white and plaid printed in the inner collar area, and they also wore navy and purple vests by IVY Club, the vests also have IVY Club’s logo attached to them  

the sad news is IVY Club does not have an online store anywhere well i searched a lot but didn’t find one so i’m guessing that the only way to get these clothes is by going to IVY Club’s store in Korea

for more info about IVY Club you can visit their official site here


Credits: caps from Everlasting Subs SGB ep + SJ Subs  SGB episodes by me + IVY Club scanned shirt from IVY Club’s official photobook


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