Attack on the pin up boys uniforms

I’m sure all ELF is in love with this movie ^^ well these are some things that the boys wore in the movie, the school uniforms were all custome designed by IVY Club, a brand known for designing most of the school uniforms for many dramas and variety shows like Dream High, God Of Study, and Star Golden Bell which i posted on before ^^

Sungmin’s velvet blazer is from IVY Club, Sungmin also wore it on IVY Club’s ad with Super Junior ^^

All of Sungmin’s blazers, shirts and ties are from IVY Club

Now if you look closely at Siwon’s shirt you’ll see that there is a word written on the pocket,that’s IVY Club’s logo on the pocket


Also theV neck sweater that the students in the movie wore is from IVY Club, on the movie SJ didn’t wear that sweater only the students but Kibum had the sweater hung in his room, Hangeng’s picture is from IVY Club’s ad

now let’s see the Uniform that Super Junior members wore in detail, first of all IVY Club doesn’t have an online store so if you were interested in their clothes you should visit their shop in Korea, the uniform is custom designed for the movie,

the blazer is navy and it has the school’s logo in the right side of the blazer, on the logo the school’s name is written which is Neul Paran high school it’s written in English, the blazer has 4 golden buttons on each sleeve, inside the blazer there is plaid print in beige

under the blazer the boys wore a sky blue shirt that i showed you on Siwon, which has IVY Club’s logo on the  pocket, the pocket is on the right

there is also the stripped tie it’s in navy and it has red stripes with yellow and then red stripes again

also the grey pants are from IVY Club, it’s just a plain grey pants XD

IVY Club’s photobook 2007’s version  mentioned that their clothes were featured in Attack on the pin up boys for more information about IVY Club visit their official site here

i hope you find this information useful ^^

Credits: Caps by me, Ivy club shirt + IVY Club photobook scans by me


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