SJM- Perfection Korean version finds (part 3)

Thanks for @jlwxgal for finding Eunhyuk’s tshirt^^

As you guys know by now that  SM released the Korean Version of Perfection, in this version we can see Eunhyuk’s t-shirt clearly he is wearing Givenchy Jesus is lord t-shirt in black it is from Givenchy’s Fall/Winter 2010 it’s sold out now but you may find it at auctions, i’ve only have a Japanese buy link here   

Also Sungmin wore the black version of the tshirt

Now the final find in this post is for Donghae this gave me a lot of time >< to come up with the caps since i can’t find my original caps & had to make new ones quick T.T

I think this is the pants that Donghae wore in the MV,it took me alot of time to decide but they both have the same features, a gold line along the sides of the pants + if you notice that in the back of the pants there is a bag like the one that comes with the pants at the picture, the pants are Vivienne Westwood Anglomania for Lee they are called Bondage Slim Jeans you can buy it here @ Asos for $295.85


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