Super Junior’s black jeans

This picture is so big i don’t know why it’s so small here ;_; anyhow just click on it to enlarge it so you could see the details, from left to right in the pictures you can see Leeteuk, Siwon & Kyuhyun on PD Radio Concert in Thailand, then Yesung’s picture from KBS 3D concert, Leeteuk on a varitey show i don’t know which one coz i haven’t seen it yet ;_; , Yesung on K.R.Y concert they were & it is also the skinny black jeans for SS3 which is April 77 JOEY Hi Standard Black (skinny jeans)  the pants are unisex ^^

(skinny) you can buy it here  @ April 77 official shop for 85,00 €

while in the last picture Kyuhyun on K.R.Y concert wore Slim – Regular waist pants from April 77 called Dictator Mayhem Raw it’s only for Men you can buy it here @ April 77 official store for 90,00 €


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