Siwon’s sleeveless shirt

Okay now this shirt has a story lol, i liked it before Siwon ( my bias BTW) wore it and it was on Gmarket i wanted to buy it but then my sister told me that it wouldn’t suit me at all, then when i saw it on Siwon i was like I MUST GET IT !! lol so i looked at Gmarket again & to my surprise it was sold out within a few days T.T i cried so much and blamed my sister lol

now i found a buy link but it’s Korean but anyhow at least i’ll be able to post it here ^^

Siwon wore W.Dressroom sleeveless shirt called 76나시, the shirt is for women but it still looked HOT on siwon i died when he bended to get the ball

there is no international buy link just a korean link here


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