[CLOSED] Win SJM perfection Albums with SJSTUFF!!

[The Winner will be announced by next week^^]

Yes you read right SJSTUFF will be giving you 2 SJM Perfection albums you can have them both or give the other to your friend (it’s your choice kekeke)

How can you win the albums?

what you have to do is Design a logo for SJSTUFF by a logo i mean a watermark that i can put on my designs.

How should the logo looks like?

since SJSTUFF is all about Super Junior & Fashion the logo needs to reflect that

the logo should have the words “Super Junior Stuff” in it

you are free to add your own drawings/ designs to it

the size of the logo doesn’t matter as long as the words “Super Junior Stuff” is visible and big

Every person has only 1 submission to give others a chance to win

Submit your logos by sending an email to : nadanera@gmail.com

Email subject: logo submission

send your logo as JPG first if i approved it i will ask you to send it to me in (PSD) or (PDD) format that is Adobe photoshop file format so keep your logo in that format too ^^

Submissions will be closed on 30 April

put these information with the logo

Your name: first name and last name

Your Address:

if you have any questions ask them here ^^



  1. hi ^^ submitted my entry but I kinda asked a question there cause i thought by “if you have any questions ask them here ^^” meant I should ask on the email. haha sorry about that ): It’s not much of a question really

    ^^ thank you~

  2. hi can i submit it with the words ”sjstuff” only?i am kind of busy and not sure if i have the time to design so many words..i just wanna win this album to give to my friend and i like this site XD

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