Yesung’s hoodie on Sukira 110321

On Sukira 110321 Yesung wore a grey plain grey hoodie it looked so familiar to me so i checked Spao today and i realized that it was from SPAO since all the little details are the same^^

Yesung was endorsing that hoodie in SPAO as you can see in the picture with Jessica, and then he wore it in Sukira ^^

the hoodie can be found at SPAO here (Korean buy link)

Credits: KBS kiss the radio picture( |Reupload: ★яєιℓα @ + SPAO official site for Yesung’s pic & hoodie pic



  1. You didn’t say it’s just a Korean link at the bottom of this post.
    Does that mean the SPAO website ships internationally? :’O

    1. lol i just assumed that everyone would know that SPAO doesn’t ship internationally :\ they dont ship internationally but other shops are taking orders^^ like

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