Henry’s red hoodie

This find was submitted by yawadnapupu

Henry has been seen wearing this red hoodie a lot of times since last year

the hoodie’s name was not mentioned so im guessing that the buy link i have is for a replica?  I’m not sure but you can buy it here if you like it, it’s sold for $40

this post will be updated once i find the original one … it’s just that i’ve just started my job lately and my life is a bit messed up

& I’m lacking Henry, Kibum, Kangin & Hangeng posts so i will be focusing on them soon hopefully

I’m looking for someone who can help me get For Siwon goods can someone help me? 2kyuhyun is selling them + For Siwon too but the info on 2kyuhyun is in Thai so i can’t read them ;_;


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