Henry’s tshirt on UFO Radio

ROFL at Henry & Siwon’s expressions totally Adorable XD

On UFO Radio Henry wore a tshirt by Givenchy it’s from their Spring Summer 2011 collection, i couldn’t find the one in white just the one in black it’s sold for $265, no buy link for it was found but i got the pic & info from here you might find it at any Givenchy boutique ^^

I’m thinking of making this blog private >< that means it will only be accessable to those invited, i’m really sorry but im tired of my stuff being stolen without even credit



  1. :( oh please don’t make it private :( I’m really grateful when I found your blog :”] it’s like a suju stuff bible haha x really, i finally can find lots of Teuki’s stuff i wanna buy before (but dunno what it is =] ) so… jeongmal gomawayo :) altho somes are so out of reach -.- (all the prada, lv etc i can buy, but my pops will shoot me in the head haha) but stuff like colonize, pancoat etc (aka high street clothing) are affordable & all thanks to you that i know where to buy ^^
    again… don’t make it private please~~ :”] [or if u really wanna do so, invite me keke]

  2. please don’t make it private coz i like your blog,, i can see all sj’s stuff & i’m happy look all the stuff in here.. :)

    but if u wanna make it private, please invite me.. *puppy eyes* .. ^^

  3. huhu don’t make it private please cuz i just found this blog yesterday and i spent all day checking everything T^T your information is very helpful for me, and i really really like this blog

  4. oh please don’t make it private, i love your blog. i understand it is frustrating when you are not receiving your credit. is there a way to change the settings so that people can’t save your images? i see it on some other sites, like you are only allowed to left click.

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