Eunhae fashion finds

Eunhae have got the same things and i will share some of them in this post, first of all, you all remember their endorsement of FELTICS backpacks, well finally Donghae started using his backpack, They both own the same backpack from FELTICS red label it’s called Check tab backpack Eunhyuk owns it in Navy color while Donghae owns the black one

the backpacks are finally in stores listed for 118,000 Won that is nearly $107

only Korean buy links are available Donghae’s black backpack here while Eunhyuk’s navy backpack here

Eunhae find number 2, the matching LV passport covers ^^, their passport cover is called LV passport cover in Damier canvas also i posted before that  Kyuhyun and Zhoumi have the same passport cover as eunhae so it’s a thing between couples :P

You can buy it here @ LV official store for $260

i can’t put a direct link to it coz it’s in flash >~< so here is my guidelines:

i can’t give you a direct link to the product but i’ll guide you :)

first 1. choose men/ women (because this item is unisex)

2. choose Travel

3. choose Travel accessories

4. choose Damier Ebene Canvas

5. it’s the first passport cover and the only one hehe :D

and bonus Eunhae they laugh in the same manner don’t they??? :P

Picture Credits: With eunhae +precious

Information posted here CAN NOT BE TAKEN OUT!!!!!



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