Eunhyuk’s red and blue shirt on SS3 Vietnam

this picture is cute XD well SS3 Vietnam just ended yesterday our boys did an awesome job as always ^^ but the thing that hurts the most is when the fans turned off their lightstick in Zhoumi’s solo!! i mean seriously?? why are you like this?? even if you support 13 members that is just RUDE!! and he said Thank you at the end!! Im so pissed seriously a hard working member like Zhoumi gets this kind of treatment from ELF!! the ppl he works hard for!!

ahh i really hope you think hard of your actions before hurting others!!

now back to this post

I kinda of liked this shirt before lol that is before hyuk wears it on SS3 Vietnam, I’m all crazy about Choi Bumsuk’s designs and this is just amazing seriously!! Eunhyuk is wearing “Micky shirt” by W.Dressroom it comes in two colors Eunhyuk is wearing the sky blue one

You can buy it here @Gmarket for $ 47.45

it’s called ” 1.ST 미키 셔츠/소라

Credits: Eunhyuk & Siwon picture as tagged + Gmarket for the shirt

Do Not take the Info or the picture out !!

 do not claim the info as your own!!



  1. i’m Vietnamese ELF and went to SS3 vietnam
    what fans turned off their lightsticks is misunderstanding. i was in ST4 and fans still supported Zhoumi
    hope Zhoumi don’t have any aversion to V-ELFs. fans love him and alway Zhoumi and Henry

  2. hey, i know it’s late, but i’ve just found this. The truth is we didn’t turn off the light during Zhoumi’s solo. I’m sure about this. We still turned on the light and chanted his name. But because there were some that didn’t know Zhoumi’s song that they couldn’t sing a long or chant. We were never rude to our boys.
    Why did we have to act like this to Zhoumi? If we support Super Junior 13, then we would have done this to Henry also. But let see what we did to support Henry. We cheered a lot for him. And you weren’t at the concert so you might not know what really happened. I hope you understand that this was just misunderstood. Thanks :)

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