Leeteuk’s Birthday Project

This is a project made for Leeteuk I’m only sharing it here so don’t ask me any questions but ask the organizers^^

This is a project dedicated to our dearest angel leader Teukie oppa. This is a joint project by fanbases all over the world; and we aim to raise money and then donate it it to World Child Cancer in Leeteuk’s name. Let’s make this big!!! The dateline is by June 20, be sure to make your donations by then. Alternatively, you can purchase some merchandise (our badges) which will also add to the donation :D
Leeteuk 2011Birthday Project: Charity Donation For Children Who Need
As for this year, Leeteuk wil be 29 y.o (korean age) so we decide on having something really lovely for his upcoming birthday. After series of dicussing and talking, we’ve come up to a charity donation for children with cancers. This lovely project is a joint project between Leeteukwings, Leaderteukfacts, WeLoveLeeteuk, IleeteukELF, JungSooAddicts, TeukieVN.com,Leeteuk.org,SGSJELFs and SuperShowSG  and we still hoping for more to come~
Why for children?

All of us know that Leeteuk is a very kind hearted and really fond of children and also, we initially considering it for cancerous children. do you guys still remember Jaehee? the little girl who appeared on Star King few years back then who was fighting with brain tumors? If you don’t then you can read about Jaehee here. It’s a heartbreaking story. Thus, in memorian of her and living up to Leeteuk’s fondess towards children we decide on doing this on his behalf. but of course the point is having charity donation for needy children.

Why not giving him personal gifts?
We do consider giving personal gifts (and certainly will announce it when more projects finalized) but we also thinks that this donation is actually a good thing. As Leeteuk would be happy to find out that his fans are doing good cause, the children would be also helped by this donation.

Where will the money be donated?
We considering to donate it to “WorldChildCancer”. The england-based organisation is currently having project in helping children with cancers in six different developing countries and in partnership with ICCCPO, International Society of Paediatric Oncology, and St.Jude Children’s Research Hospital  and latter on we will also announce the money we gathered  but we have other charity organization to be considered too, because there are lots of good charity organization for children

How to donate:

How to donate?
You need to fill this form and email leeteukproject2011@hotmail.com
Designated method of donation: PayPal/Bank Transfer
noted that country rep only for Singapore,indonesia,malaysia,phil, vietnam and Japan. If your country isnt listed here then im afraid that you really could donate with paypal only :C
We hope that you all loving the idea and will help us in this lovely project for our lovely Angel~!

Visit http://leeteukwings.wordpress.com/ for more information :D

Leeteuk project BADGES!!
(attached pictures of badges)


only Rp.20.000 per piece or contact : saicamui

Badges design for Vietnam: 20.000 VND per piece
Or you can mention Rose to order in VietNam via Twitter

JAPANESE ELFS : contact keiteuk

PINOY ELFS: contact leaderteukfacts(note: pinoy elfs ; dont forget to join @TeukAngelsPH raffles contest for chances to win teukie related prizes! http://twitpic.com/51cltj)

FRENCH ELFS: (3EU per badge, collect during SMTOWNparis) contact frenchelf

MALAYSIAN ELFS: contact 4evaelf


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