Bijin Fashion (Heechul,Donghae and Leeteuk)

This is part 1 of Bijin’s clothes ^^ finding these stuff made me so tired and had a killer headache T.T

First let’s start with Heechul who wore Joy Rich shoes called Stampd’LA , only Japanese buylink available here

Donghae wore a star studded cardigan by JoyRich too, im not sure from which collection is the cardigan because information about it is in japanese and i don’t know japanese and i dont trust any translation site ;A;

you can find the cardigan here Japanese buylink only

last but not least in this post Leader Teuk wore a tank by JoyRich,click on the picture to view it, there isn’t any international buylinks for these items only Japanese ones

you can find the tank here Japanese buylink only

I will be posting about other members in Bijin and will also continue the boy’s clothes when i have time T.T

Credits: Rakuten | Edited and Shared by. Blue★Princez @ SJ-WORLD.NET

Please Don’t Take Them Out !!


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