Sungmin’s airport style his shirt and bag^^

This find was submitted by @hyukrose  ^^

Thank you so much ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

on Incheon airport for their way to SM TOWN Paris concert Sungmin wore a shirt by General Idea similar to the one Heechul wore on Bonamana Music Video, except this one is in black while heechul’s was in red ^^

only korean buylink available here

Also Sungmin’s bag is a fan gift from ^^ i’ve seen Sungmin carrying it out a lot of times, he really likes it ^^

if i’m not mistaken is still selling this bag for fans ^^ so you might try to get your bag from them ^^

ahhh~ i was supposed to combine all members airport finds in one post but it’s taking so long T.T so i will divide them so you’d get fast updates ^^

Credits: +Arts news+ general idea



  1. do you happen to know how i can get the bag from them? the site doesn’t really help and i really want one. thanks! :D

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