Hangeng and Eunhyuk own the same tshirt

LOL why is hangeng’s pic so small! Enlarge the picture so you can see Hangeng’s tshirt, This is a recent picture of Hangeng wearing a tshirt by PACUMONG a korean brand, this tshirt was worn previously by Hyukjae as an endorsment tshirt back in 2009 Noerago days, the interesting thing is this tshirt design worn by eunhyuk and hangeng are the same both from 2009 Pacumong collection!

Pacumong have released new collection with similar design but different colors now as u can see in the tshirt pic next to hyukjae

so my guess is Hangeng misses Super Junior members T^T he still has that tshirt

only the new Collection ones are for sale currently here @ ebay for $54.99

by the way this is NOT the first time Hangeng wears a korean brand he wore some before!!  check here,here and here

Hangeng’s photo credits: MOGO张咿 | Shared by: Mrhanoh @ geng-bao.net
Reupload and Posted by: reneee @ sup3rjunior.com

Please Do Not Take this out (picture or information)

Do Not Post It at Twitter, Weibo, Facebook or any blogs

Only the Link is to be shared


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