Eunhyuk’s cool tshirt

lol somehow my twtr account is in the picture too ._. i thought i removed it already anyhow i saved that picture on my folder for a very long time waiting for a buylink but i guess there wasn’t ;-; oh well this has to be one of my ultimate favorite tshirts ever *-* it’s from Kokon To Zai (KTZ) Spring Summer 2010 collection, eunhyuk is wearing the black version of the tshirt

in the same picture Shindong is wearing a hat by Critic, a tshirt by Stussy and a jacket by Sakun , while Eunhyuk is wearing a Portfranc cap, KTZ tshirt and Cheap monday jeans and Donghae is wearing a Codes Combine tshirt and Aki cap

Credits: @Shinsfriends + KTZ official Facebook for runway photo


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