Sungmin’s Star Brooches from 5jib teaser photo

Hello! Well this is awkward ^^’ anyway, I’m new author here. My pen name is ‘aninditahitsu’ but usually called as ‘Nui’. Nada had give me an opportunity to become an author here and start writing posts about my finds on SJ stuff. Thank you Nada :D I may be not as good as Nada but please look forward to my further participation in this site :)

One of my bias is Sungmin, so I often searching for his fashion stuff. Once I saw this teaser photo I’m not really into the fashion, more to the person. But when I saw the Star Brooches on Sungmin’s jacket I start to search all over internet for those cute brooches. I just fell in love with those brooches. And fortunately I found it and decided to order one :p

Those brooches are called ‘Spicy Color Star Brooches’, from korean brand named Spicy Color. Available in five colors (Yellow, Violet, Red, Blue, Green)

Buy Links (korean) :

Yellow for 6,650원 

Violet for 6,650원 

Red for 6,650원 

Blue for 6,650원

Green for 6,650원

All currently on SALE from 12,000원 ^^

Buy link (for Indonesian) : tinytrinketshop

credits : tinytrinketshop


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