Kyuhyun’s notepad

Yesterday i took my little sister to get new stationary for her school, and while i was there a notepad grabbed my attention i was like O_O omg is this Kyuhyun’s notepad? lol they even had the exact same color!! and i’ve been looking online for it but never found it so it’s so ironic that our local bookshop has it haha :D the notepad is from Morning Glory a korean brand that specializes in making stationary ^^ it was sold for nearly $3 (770 fils)

Kyuhyun used that notepad during SJM activities in Taiwan, the notepad has the words “What’s your Style?” in big font and then two small sentences after it ” Try something new for a change, Don’t let this opportunity get away from you” and on the back of the notepad it has “You look absolutely amazing, you look absolutely stunning, you look absolutely marvelous, you look absolutely gorgeous”  lol it’s cute



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