Eunhyuk’s tshirt at Sukira 111005


I’m not streaming the sukira, but I saw Eunhyuk’s pictures on sukira at my tumblr dashboard and I recognize the tshirt immediately (because I practically staring at the store catalogue every week). As expected Eunhyuk always fashionable and I can’t resist to stare at his cap instead. I always love his cap on Bonamana, so I practically ogling on his cap today at Sukira as well :p

The shirt called ‘BIO T Khaki’ by General Idea. The price is about 60,200원



  1. :) i was just gonna ask u guys about this shirt, cause i saw the other day on hyuk and really liked it. but no need, u already found it. hehe!

  2. Where exactly…do I buy this? e_e I can’t find a website for it, even General Idea doesn’t have it available, or I can’t find it. :c

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