Donghae’s clothes on Skip Beat’s first episode^^

So i watched skip beat’s first episode  for 5 times already now lol and i have to say that it’s addictive ;_; and the clothes are just great and very trendy:)

in the first picture Donghae is wearing Adidas Originals tshirt from The Blue Collection AW2011, i only found it on Korean shops it’s priced for 39,200 WON, to be honest this is my favourite tshirt ever im so gonna buy it hehe

Next thing is Donghae’s Watch it’s from ODM Leeteuk actually owns one too!

The watch is called ODM  JC03-2  UFO you can buy it here @ ODM’s official store for $105

in the opening song we see Donghae wearing a red studded biker jacket, the jacket is from JOYRICH it’s called STAR STUDDED MOTOR in red it’s sold for 354,000원 here (korean buylink only)

Donghae’s tshirt here is from JOYRICH i posted it before here the khaki jacket is from WACKO MARIA this jacket i couldn’t find it online ><” but you might be lucky enough to find it sold at auctions since it’s from a previous collection WACKO MARIA is known for this style of jackets, if someone has a buylink for this please share it ^^

Donghae here wore a shirt by Adidas Originals which i couldn’t find online i spent all yesterday n today looking for it but no luck, if any of you guys gotta a buy link please share it ^^

So in the end what do you think of Donghae’s Skip Beat style? ^^



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