OPPA OPPA Fashion Eunhae part 1

as promised this is the post about Oppa Oppa japanese version ^^ the short ver. is only out so the finds ain’t complete, once the full ver. is out i’ll update with more posts as usual hehe ^^

in the first picture Donghae is wearing Cheap Monday’s tshirt called Bruce skull tee in black it’s the logo of cheap monday ^^ from their SS collection

Eunhyuk’s sunglasses are Linda Farrow X Giles collaboration he also wore it 

before on SS3 for his solo down here  

Eunhyuk also wore KTZ Pre collection  hoodie you can find it here for  

647,000원, if you’re in the UK, KTZ is having a 90% sale so you can take this

chance and grab a few KTZ items ^^

Donghae also wore KTZ PRE denim jacket i could tell from the zippers on top and some buckles showing on his sleeve you can find it here for  391,000원, also another Cheap Monday thsirt but in black and white called Bruce Skull tshirt you can buy it here for $30,95

please dont take out any part of this, and only share our link


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