Eunhyuk’s backpack tshirt in SM TOWN Taiwan

I’ve seen backpack prints on tshirts  before  worn by many idols but this has to be the first time that i see a tshirt with a backpack and i LIKE IT!! ^^V  it’s so useful and you dont have to carry any bag with you lol

really suits eunhyuk’s style ^^ I’ve actually seen it listed on many many stores online and after a long research i think it belongs to Tomstyle here it’s sold for 59,000won

and in other news I’m totally excited over SJ’s comeback ;~~~; so nice omg Eunhyuk’s teaser just blew my mind can’t wait to see the rest of the teasers

you can buy it from their site from the “DGG” bar on top ^^



  1. WOW! I really liked this one… Now I really have to save up some money to buy this! And it’s very “Eunhyuk” in a way… just wow xD!

  2. ah i had spent three hours yesterday trying to find this shirt.. but couldn’t find it.
    thanks for the find! i fell in love with this shirt when i first saw it..

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