Sexy Free and Single Inkigayo Fashion

Shindong wore Daniel Palillo unisex skull bunny tshirt from their SS2012 collection, no buylinks available

T_T really bad quality of those captures , Ryeowook wore peace love and understanding red jelly black tshirt priced here for 98,000won, also Ryeowook’s pants are from KTZ he wore the same as the one from the mv here

Leeteuk wore KTZ tank , priced for nearly 109,000won here also Leeteuk’s pants are from Deep style the same as the ones he wore in the mv here

Yesung’s pants are from KTZ’s SS2012 collection

Siwon wore pants by KTZ from their AW2012 collection it’s called Church Embroidery Skirt Trousers however i think siwon wore shorts version and not the skirt? can’t find it online though but both are the same design, it’s priced for  £434.00  on their official store here

Kangin also wore a tshirt by KTZ’s AW2012 collection, I couldn’t find it only the design of it ^^;

Eunhyuk’s been wearing this hat recently it’s from KTZ’s AW 2012 collection

Eunhyuk’s bag is from KTZ SS2012 collection, I only found the red version here priced for w567,000

Credits: @ jlwxgal for hyuk’s caps ^^



  1. Hi :D I was so excited to find out your blog about fashion of Super Junior – my beloved boyband <3 I was looking for the shirt and jeans that Eunhyuk wore on July 05, 2012. I love them very much but can't find them anywhere.
    Thank you soo much for helping me <3

      1. Sorry I meant I can’t find Hyukie’s shirt and jeans which he wore on July 05,2012 when performing From U on this page though I can find other things :( I think you know how to find them and I really hope you can help me with that :)
        Sorry for making you misunderstand but I really love this page, it help me a alot :D I love fashion <3

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