About Us

 스타일 아이콘 슈퍼주니어의 패션 블로그.
Super Junior’s one and only fashion blog dedicated to everything and anything that all Super Junior members put on.
Super Junior Stuff currently has five authors – Nada, Nui, Dehan, Kiki and Noni.
All five of us are ELF from all around the world that have come together to bring you updates on Super Junior’s fashion. Enjoy!



  1. Hello there, nice website so simple so sweet^^
    nice name btw*acting like she doesnot know you* And
    *gone to check the rest of the website*

  2. Loved looking through your blog. Very detailed and loved all the pictures and items. I’ve always wondered what items the boys were wearing so it was a treat looking through your blog. Oh my, our Siwon really loves luxury goods, doesn’t he? Ahhhh, it fits his princely image ^^

    1. oh thank you so much ^////^ I’m so glad that you like it :) and Siwon does wear alot of luxury goods XD i only covered a few of them but i have many that i haven’t posted yet ;)

  3. hi you are so cool gurl

    i like the way u love them ^^

    hope u the best

    and thank u for helping us to reach the albums ^^

  4. You know what? This is one of the coolest blog I ever visited ^___^
    Whoa, you’re really DAEBAK, finding so many SJ’s stuffs like this.
    Appreciate your hard work so much, sis! ^___^

  5. هلا ندى
    صراحة انا متابعة البلوق من زمان وتوي اعرف ان صاحبته عربيه ( من جد )
    بالتوفيق لك ..

  6. woah you did a great job…this blog is so cool, I’ve been searching abot super junior stuff currently and ur blog help me much… thanks… btw I add you as a friend in FB, would you mind to accept me??

  7. wow… i just find your blog, and it amazes me. u really are doing a great job. keep doing it, god bless you.

  8. Hi!
    i really enjoy going through your blog(i’m bookmarking this just in case i forget. LOL)
    i’m trying to find some cool stuff for Christmas and just looking here…i think i might know what i’ll get myself this year. :D
    thanks so much for this and continue on blogging! :D

  9. Nada, Nui and Dehan:
    Thank you SO much for all the hard work you put into this blog. I live in America and speak English, so to me, this blog is priceless!

  10. Hey i love your guys website but do any of you know this jacket. i would love to have it. the white one on the left

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