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Eunhyuk in Marc by Marc Jacobs


Hyukjae is wearing Marc by Marc Jacobs Reverse Signature Bicolor T-Shirt and you can pick one up here at € 95 (about USD130).

Photo by Tous Les Jours twitter (@TousLesJours_Hi).


EunHae’s I Wanna Dance Fashion!

Hello dear readers! The short PV of EunHae’s new Japanese single ‘I Wanna Dance’ was recently released and hence, like most of every other MV/PV, we would be doing some fashion finds for I Wanna Dance! Don’t hesitate to check out the PV if you haven’t! If you’ve discovered a find from the PV, you can comment below or you can post it under ‘Submit A Find’. Make sure there is a clear photo and a buylink (Not exactly necessary) provided. This post would be continuously edited with new finds for as long as we can so don’t fret! :)

All images used are credited to their owners (some unknown).

Hyukjae’s Kenzo x New Era Cap


Hyukjae’s cap is a Kenzo x New Era Leopard Print Fitted Baseball Cap and you can get it here for USD55!

Hyukjae’s Katie Eary Golden Gate Tee

katie eary

Hyukjae is wearing Golden Gate Tee by Katie Eary and you can get it here for £215 or here for USD320 :)

Donghae’s 17 Circle Graphic Tee (Virgin Mary)


Hey everyone! This post has been edited. Donghae’s 17 Circle Graphic Tee from Virgin Black is actually an inspired design from Givenchy’s Virgin Mary Sweatshirt. Thanks to Heartiria for the tip! :) You can still buy the shirt here for only USD22.99!

Photo credited to HAEFriend!

*Note: The sleeves of Donghae’s shirt are cut off, something their coordinators always do.

Eunhyuk’s Paper Code Cap

Hyukjae Paper Code

Hyukjae here is wearing Paper Code’s Logo cap! There are two types actually – one with a mesh back and a normal snapback. I can’t exactly tell from his photo which cap he has on but either way, you can get the mesh one here and the normal one here! Both are of the same price, going at 37,000원.

Photo from Hyukjae’s twitter (@AllRiseSilver).