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Eunhyuk’s Tank Top at Sukira

This is submitted by Miley. Thank you so much <3<3<3

Eunhyuk worn Tokyo Tank Top by River Island. Eunhyuk always looks good with tank tops! You can buy it here for $19.88.

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Sexy, Free &Single Fashion

This post will be used for other Sexy, Free & Single MV fashion finds.

Eunhyuk wear sleeveless tee by KATHLEEN KYE or KYE for short from their 2012 Summer collection. Previously worn by SHINee and EXO to wear. SM coordis should be more creative, yes? :/

No buy links yet ^^

Shindong is wearing shorts and leggings by KTZ they’re called TWTC leggings from their SS2012 men’s collection, you can buy it here  @ KTZ official store for  £137.00

Ryeowook is wearing KTZ pants from their Spring Summer 2012 collection, the first pic is a bit faded but the next one just shows the details they were sold for 230,000 won
Kyuhyun is wearing a tshirt from P.A.M called Medusa tee in white it’s from their Spring Summer 2012 collection named “club PAM”
the tshirt nearly cost $82 and it’s sold out T^T
Shindong also wore a tshirt from P.A.M called Reggae club tee in black from their Spring Summer collection named “club pam” , you can buy it here @someday-store for $88
Ryeowook’s tshirt is from Balmain according to one site i found this is from their 2011 collection
Eunhyuk is wearing Givenchy’s tshirt from their Spring Summer 2012, only the white one is available here for € 423 
Eunhyuk is wearing KTZ leather neacklace it’s priced for 401,000원 you can buy it here
 Eunhyuk’s sunglasses are by Retro Super Future and not by SNRD as i thought before T_T Thanks to Mona for telling me about it, it’s called Classic in cream and black you can buy it here
Feeling so happy when I found Sungmin’s shoes. His shoes is fabulous plus he is my bias ;A;  He wear two color of the shoes on the MV, black and white. Both are from ‘By The R’. You can buy it here for 77 USD
Kyuhyun wears Drape Rider Vest in black by KTZ. You can buy it here for £195.00
I’m sorry if the pic isn’t clear enough.  I could’t find any clearer picture of donghae, but if you watch the MV at 0:14  in full screen, you can recognize the shoes.
Donghae wear ‘JJING High Top’ in white by CABANA. Also found this at ‘By The R’ Online Shop page for $64.00 USD. Pretty cheap rather than other shoes they usually wears ^^
Leeteuk’s long Tank or dress ._. that’s what it’s called actually in the music video is from Tuesday Night band practice (UK brand) , it’s actually for women the men’s collection didn’t have it, you can buy it here @ Daily projects for 203,000 won
 they have international shipping & it’s on discount so you can buy it ^^V
Yesung wore Killer Bee jeans band leather pants, priced for 90,000won
Yesung also wore another jeans by Killer Bee from the same collection ^^ it’s called Silver band pants
priced for 76,000won
Siwon & Sungmin’s mesh & fringe scarf is apparently from Deep Style,it’s priced for nearly $32 you can buy it here
Also Siwon & Leeteuk’s harem pants are from Deep Style, priced for $90 you can buy it here

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120610 Leeteuk tshirt at Incheon airport

Leeteuk wear ‘Denim Culture Limited Edition in White Wash’ by Armani Jeans. I’m not sure which type is it because Armani Jeans releases many types of ‘Denim Culture Limited Edition’.  

Leeteuk likes to wear nice clothes nowadays. Maybe influenced by Eunhyuk lol ^^

Still haven’t found available buy link yet ;A; I can’t find it in the official homepage.

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Super Junior for Marni at H&M

Leeteuk, Donghae and Eunhyuk has been endorsing and attending fashion events lately, and it feels good knowing that our boys is very active in fashion industry.

United Kingdom brand ‘H&M’ collaborated with designer Marni for newest H&M collection called ‘Marni at H&M’. I was surprised! I usually doesn’t like any kind of office-related outfit because it’s usually boring, but this collection made me think twice. It has bright and unusual color such as yellow and blue. Here is stuffs that Leeteuk, Eunhyuk and Donghae wore on that event.

Leeteuk’s Look

Eunhyuk’s Look

Donghae’s Look

Some say that Donghae’s attire looks ‘normal’ than the other two, but… Look at his belt!! Okay I totally laughing because of Donghae’s flashy belt and the tie actually look nice on him :)

The price range is from $19.95 to $149. It’s actually pretty cheap than other brands that they usually wear. You can buy it on the official website here

credit: H&M Official Website, Star News, Rikbyu Star, as tagged

Sungmin’s pants in NYC

Sungmin was wearing all yellow and blue when he was on trip to NYC>< I found that new collection of General Idea mostly have similar blue and yellow color to Sungmin’s clothes. I found his pants, unfortunately I can’t find his bag or his jacket.

Sungmin wear ‘Oz Pants in Yellow’ by General Idea. Can be found on General Idea F&W 2011 Collection.

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