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Super Junior M Breakdown Nail Art Tutorial




This is a special Tutorial by Marioooma92 for Super Junior Stuff ^_^

we are really thankful that she helped us with this she’s so amazing and she did so many kpop nail arts  before ^^


The things you need to get your SJM breakdown nail art  ready is : different colours of nail polish, transparent nail polish, nail art pen or brush, SJM pictures different sizes for your nails  and scissors for starters^^


start colouring your nails


you can Add the letter  M by using a nail art pen or brush


If you want Ombre colours you need to put them on a sponge and stamp them on your nail


this is how you put the nails on the sponge ^^


Now print SJM pictures in different sizes


cut the member’s pictures individually




measure the picture on your nail and cut the excess parts of it using the scissors once it fits put the transparent nail polish over your nails and then stick the picture on your nails


once the picture sticks on your nail put another coat of transparent nail polish over the picture


it will stick firmly now and look like this ^^


Now do the rest with the other nails measure the picture, cut it, put transparent nail polish , stick the picture on it, and put another coat of transparent nail polish over it ^^




And  Tada~~~ COOL SJM NAIL ART FOR U *_*






If you want to see more of Marioooma92’s nail arts or want to contact her:

 Marioooma92 Twitter

Marioooma92’s Instagram


we will be featuring more Super Junior related work from our readers other than nail art ^^ DIY Super Junior clothes, Super Junior Style clothes, Super Junior Cosplay, DIY Super Junior accessories…etc if you ever did any Suju related fashion or style you can share your experience here with many other fans ^^ just send us an email with detailed step by step and pictures, also don’t forget to put your contact details ^^ send your stuff to our email:


Kangin’s outfit & Iphone 5 cover


Saw these pictures of Kangin recently carrying L’Donovan Materials Iphone 5 case in Blue & red it’s priced for over $200 each hehe

Also Kangin wore Comme Des Fuckdown grey Beanie and Jacket also Yesung has the same beanie but in black but I lost the photo T_T if anyone has it please share it ^^

Credits: Kangin pic 1st one is from sports, 2nd kangin pic from, jacket pic from curiousdshop at ebay.

SJM Breakdown Fashion from MV & promotions


I made Breakdown ringtone for those who would like to get it in their phones here

Siwon is wearing KTZ jacket from AW2012


Kyuhyun wearing Ann Demeulemeester AW2012 necklace T_T it’s too expensive talk about spending nearly $500 over a feather necklace


Sungmin and Henry wore Cassette Playa’s latest tshirt collections


Kyuhyun wore Ann Demeulemeester jeans for MV and Promotions actually his whole outfit in the promotions picture is from the same brand, Siwon wore Ann Demeulemeester boots


Was Siwon’s hat familiar? he wore the same hat as hyuk in YOUNIQUE Max step MV which was from KTZ’s AW2012 collection


Sungmin wore Ann Demeulemeester sweater for SJM breakdown promotions


kyuhyun wore the same necklace as Leeteuk in Mr simple performances if you remember it’s by cheap monday but in Break down MV they added feathers on it lol


this is submitted by GermanJewel thank you so much for your submission ^^

Eunhyuk wore H&M tshirt in Breakdown photoshoot and performances

buylink here


this is find is submitted by German Jewel as well ^^ I’m really thankful for all your work ^^

Ryeowook also wore H&M tshirt for Breakdown photoshoot and performances buylink here

More updates will be coming your way ^^

good sjm33

Eunhyuk’s hearts brooch is from KTZ


Henry’s Jacket and pants (couldn’t find a pic of it) are both from Kathleen Kye’s latest collection^^

h1 hyuk2

This find is submitted by Erum

Thank you so much for submitting this ^^

Eunhyuk’s hat is from Joyrich can be found here

h11 hww

This find is submitted by German Jewel

Thank you so much for submitting this ^^

Donghae is wearing a tshirt by H&M you can buy it here

d ds

This find is submitted by Erum

Thank you so much for submitting this ^^

Eunhyuk wore Givenchy Scarf at SJM bangkok fanmeet you can buy the scarf from here


Credits: Caps & info by us promotional pics from official weibo of the shows and kyu’s promotional pic from shining star

Siwon’s coat and book at the airport

Untitled-1 copy

Donghae posted that picture of Siwon ^^

Recently Siwon wore this cool Coat A LOT of times and I just loved it on him he wore it in his drama ” the king of drama” which is so amazing by the way ^O^//// his coat is from Philipp plein Homme it’s called military rider priced for 1,825 EUR

Also Siwon had this book in his arm and I had a wild guess about it, the back of the book match so well even with a blurry picture of it you can tell that they are the same hehe it’s Kim Rando’s book titled 천 번을 흔들려야 어른이 된다 ,the book is very motivational ^^ unfortunately only Korean language is sold so far you can buy it here  for nearly $28.99