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Ryeowook & Kyuhyun Sweatshirts in Hello Conselor


160206 RW Sewing Boundaries

160206 KBS Hello Conselor Official Update Ryeowook wore Sewing Boundaries Dot Pattern Knitwear Grey – 155,000 won



Super Junior M Airport Fashion for Kugou Music Awards

As seen at 140522~23 at Gimpo and Beijing Airport. Super Junior M are attended Kugou Music Awards in Beijing and they won an award for The Most Influential Group of the Year! Yay! Let’s take a look at their gorgeous style at the airports!


Eunhyuk’s Sneakers : New Balance 1500 in grey color

It was released on Spring 2011 and sadly, now on it’s web they only have the red one

Here is the buy link new – $174.99


Super Junior M Breakdown Nail Art Tutorial




This is a special Tutorial by Marioooma92 for Super Junior Stuff ^_^

we are really thankful that she helped us with this she’s so amazing and she did so many kpop nail arts  before ^^


The things you need to get your SJM breakdown nail art  ready is : different colours of nail polish, transparent nail polish, nail art pen or brush, SJM pictures different sizes for your nails  and scissors for starters^^


start colouring your nails


you can Add the letter  M by using a nail art pen or brush


If you want Ombre colours you need to put them on a sponge and stamp them on your nail


this is how you put the nails on the sponge ^^


Now print SJM pictures in different sizes


cut the member’s pictures individually




measure the picture on your nail and cut the excess parts of it using the scissors once it fits put the transparent nail polish over your nails and then stick the picture on your nails


once the picture sticks on your nail put another coat of transparent nail polish over the picture


it will stick firmly now and look like this ^^


Now do the rest with the other nails measure the picture, cut it, put transparent nail polish , stick the picture on it, and put another coat of transparent nail polish over it ^^




And  Tada~~~ COOL SJM NAIL ART FOR U *_*






If you want to see more of Marioooma92’s nail arts or want to contact her:

 Marioooma92 Twitter

Marioooma92’s Instagram


we will be featuring more Super Junior related work from our readers other than nail art ^^ DIY Super Junior clothes, Super Junior Style clothes, Super Junior Cosplay, DIY Super Junior accessories…etc if you ever did any Suju related fashion or style you can share your experience here with many other fans ^^ just send us an email with detailed step by step and pictures, also don’t forget to put your contact details ^^ send your stuff to our email: