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  1. This fantastic, superb cap Henry’s wearing. I’ve been looking it for months and this is my final hope. TT-TT

  2. Hey. I found this when I was browsing some website and I think I should submit it here :)

    Donghae’s pants at Skip Beat filming
    I can’t found the pic because I saw it on video. This is the link :

    The pants make it’s appearance at 1:01 till 1:03 and at 1:16

    The pants is Adidas Original Wings Moto Pant

    Buy Link :!1337407978&cp=3748172.3769878.3748179.3748449.3765924.2019616.3844666&cid=O27153&shopGroup=R

    I love your website, so please keep the good job :)

  3. Hello. I found something again. I hope you haven’t have this find yet

    Eunhyuk’s T-shirt in Taiwan:

    I think it’s called ‘House of The Gods Sex Pistol Anarchy in The U.K’ t-shirt

    Here is the buy link :

  4. I have been looking for this pant for quite a while and even visited your website many times in search for it.. but now i have found it! well it’s courtesy of your website which updated about the washed yellow version of it.. this one is black waxed version.
    It’s called Black Wax Biker Stretch, by Bamain’s S/S 2012 collection.
    eunhyuk seems to be in love with this pants. he has used it on so many occasions and places that i have lost count. he even used it on his sorry sorry answer solo.. but i can’t find a clear picture.
    but this will do.

    here’s a clear pic of eunhyuk wearing it at incheon airport on 120518 when they were to US for Sm town.

  5. I don’t know if you have posted this item before, but I’m curious to find it because most of SJ members wore it ^^
    It’s Eunhyuk’s shoes when he attended Monaco Club event a few months ago, actually I’m not sure it’s from Burberry Prorsum brand or not, since I’ve found another one which is similar from Topman brand.

    from Burberry Prorsum, I can’t find the buy link, since it’s from fall/winter 2011 collection, but I’ve checked, it costs about $595

    For the cheaper one I suggest it from Topman brand, it’s $270
    The buy link :

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